Action of a surprising kind!

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Sometimes we need new challenges and to push ourselves in activities that take us out of our comfort zone. Here we present you with activities that are perfectly in line with this need and that will give you exhilarating thrills.


You are probably asking yourself: “But what is ski joëring?” at the sight of this mysterious word. In fact, the term “joëring” means “harnessed” in Norwegian. Thus, it refers to skiing harnessed to a dog. The Secrets Nordiques offers guided joëring ski tours with their magnificent huskies. Whether it’s on your own skis or on a snow sled they keep available, you are guaranteed to have a very special and fun sporting experience!

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How about an activity that allows you to fly for ten minutes? Aerostyle Paragliding School offers you a breathtaking experience from the summit of Mont-Sainte-Anne. From the top of the mountain’s western slope and over a 2,050-foot vertical drop, you can take to the skies in tandem and enjoy an out-of-this-world view of Quebec City, the St. Lawrence River, the Côte-de-Beaupré and the Laurentians!

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How can you discover a frozen landscape hiding a waterfall? You must try ice canyoning. The objective of the activity is to descend the large 41-meter waterfall of the Jean-Larose Falls. Beforehand, you will go through two practice runs of about 20 metres to get familiar with the techniques. You will complete your final descent with the help of crampons and ropes. In fact, ice canyoning is physically easier and more accessible to winter outdoor enthusiasts than ice climbing. Will you be tempted this winter?

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Everything to make the winter surprising and to make you want to play outside!